This is Why You Haven’t Focused on Web Security Yet .


Have you been blatantly unaware of the fact that web security is really important? You live in a digital world where everything you do is controlled by technology. With this extensive reliance on virtual sources, comes a greater risk of security breach. You know that, but haven’t really paid heed to it. How would you feel if you got to know the finale of Game of Thrones well in advance? Well, the hackers who called themselves Mr. Smith had threatened to leak it, after all. If HBO could get hacked, what makes you think your website wouldn’t? It’s time to get your website secured now.

You are responsible for your website’s safety – ‘WHY’?

1. Data safety is important: It doesn’t matter if you are a neophyte or an expert - hackers can notice just about anyone. Keeping the idea of securing your website under wraps might not be a wise choice. Think of the consequences you will have to face if it gets attacked. You wouldn’t want your data compromised. Rest assured, once hacked, regaining ownership and control is a very painful and time-consuming process.

2. You are unaware: Most business owners are oblivious to the fact that their sites can easily be seen as a vulnerable one and hackers can use fancy tools to automate their search. They strike when they see thin or no boundaries protecting your web wall. You, on the other hand, are happily unaware and forget to keep your resources aside to invest in a good website security plan.

3. It is a big deal: Businesses, these days, thrive online. Their portals and platforms on the website are important for customer interaction, generating sales, earning revenues, disseminating knowledge on important subjects and being available at one stop for their customers. In fact, a website reflects its brand. Having full control of your site with all the security measures in place, is exactly what is needed to ensure an invasion-free web experience.

OK, I want to get my website secured – ‘HOW’?

The answer is simple. You need to secure it from the start. Invest in a good plan or take the help of a reliable agency to help your website stay safe. Vest your trust in a brand that talks about detecting malware, scanning vulnerability and effectively managing firewall while installing the necessary security plugins, and Waiting to take up a website security service after major disruption will only make things more complicated: save time, be wise and secure your site NOW.