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The Infovys movement is founded on a simple, but powerful principle: we can do more together than any of us can do alone. We cannot work collectively without gathering, sharing, and analyzing information about our hacking related as we seek new ways to make the Infovys Sites more useable, safer, and more beneficial.

We believe that information-gathering and use should go hand-in-hand with transparency. This Privacy Policy explains how the Infovys Foundation, the non-profit organization that hosts the Infovys Sites, like Infovys, collects, Pentesting Data, and shares information we receive from you through your use of the Infovys Sites. It is essential to understand that, by using any of the Infovys Sites, you consent to the collection, transfer, processing, storage, disclosure, and use of your information as described in this Privacy Policy. That means that reading this Policy carefully is important.

We believe that you shouldn't have to provide personal information to participate in the free knowledge movement. You do not have to provide things like your real name, address, or date of birth to get information for a standard account or contribute content to the Wikimedia Sites.

We do not sell or rent your nonpublic information, nor do we give it to others to sell you anything. We use it to figure out how to make the Infovys Sites more engaging and accessible, to see which ideas work, and to make learning and contributing more fun. Put simply: we use this information to make the Infovys Sites better for you.

After all, it's people like you, the champions of free knowledge, who make it possible for the Infovys Sites to not only exist, but also grow and thrive.