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We provide protection against online threats such as Hacking, Malware, Phishing, Data Breaches, and other Cyber Attacks.

We Cyber Security Company
Stop Cyber Attack

"To protect your website From Cyber Attack"

Blockchain & Web5 Technology

"We are leading platform for all things blockchain and Web5".

Online Reputation Management

"The Service includes monitoring and removing negative content, improving search engine results, and promoting positive content to maintain a positive image on the internet."

Social Media Account Recovery

"The Service that helps individuals or businesses recover access to their social media accounts in the event that they have been hacked, compromised."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Where is Infovys Headquarters?

Ans. Infovys is located in Nasik, Maharashtra, India.

Q.2 What is Cyber Security is?

Ans. Cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and data, from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. It encompasses a wide range of technologies, processes, and practices designed to safeguard sensitive information, maintain data privacy, and ensure the availability of critical systems. The goal of cybersecurity is to defend against malicious cyberattacks, such as hacking, malware, and phishing, and to reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Q.3 What is Blockchain and Web5 Technology is?

Ans. Blockchain technology is a decentralized, distributed ledger system that enables secure, transparent and tamper-proof record keeping. In a blockchain network, transactions are grouped into blocks and are verified and processed by a network of computers, rather than by a central authority. Each block is linked to the previous one, creating an unalterable chain of records. This makes blockchain an ideal platform for secure and transparent data storage and transfer, especially for applications such as cryptocurrencies, digital contracts, and secure identity management.

Web 5.0 is a concept that refers to the next evolution of the World Wide Web, characterized by an increased focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies. Web 5.0 is expected to bring about a more intuitive and personalized user experience, with a greater emphasis on the integration of the physical and digital worlds. This next generation of the web is envisioned to be more intelligent, context-aware, and conversational, leading to an increased level of automation and enhanced user experience. Web 5.0 is not a standardized technology yet, but a vision of the future of the web.

Q.4 What is Website & App Care Service is?

Ans. Website and App Care Service is a type of service that provides ongoing maintenance, support, and technical assistance for websites and mobile applications. The main objective of these services is to keep the website or app functioning optimally and to address any issues that may arise over time.

The services offered under Website and App Care may include tasks such as regular backups, software updates, security monitoring, performance optimization, bug fixing, and content management. These services are designed to ensure that the website or app is always up-to-date, secure, and performing well for the end-users.

Website and App Care Service is usually offered on a subscription basis and can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. The services may be provided by a single provider or a team of experts, depending on the complexity of the website or app and the level of support required.

Q.5 What is Social Media Account Recovery Service is ?

Ans.Social media account recovery service is a service that helps users regain access to their social media accounts in case of hacking, password loss, or other security issues. The service may involve verifying the identity of the account owner, resetting passwords, and restoring account access.

In some cases, social media account recovery services may also help users recover deleted or suspended accounts. The process may involve submitting a request to the social media platform, providing evidence of ownership, and demonstrating that the account was in good standing before it was lost or deleted.

The goal of social media account recovery services is to help users regain control of their online identities and restore access to their important personal and professional information stored on their social media accounts. The service can be provided by third-party companies or by the social media platforms themselves.